Boot Camp

Bootcamp Digital Incubator


This is for early stage womxn founders (anyone who identifies female/non-binary)
We teach you what investors are looking for in a startup!
Seats are limited. 1-on-1 mentoring.

Do you feel like you working really hard but it is not working out?

Do you feel like you lack confidence to stand up in front of potential investors?

Have you been pitching but it is not effective?

Are you unsure of where and how to invest in your first year of startup?

Whether to use code or no code?

Do the words “financial modelling” and “cash flow” make you instantly sweat?

What’s more, you don’t have to leave your house or change out of your pyjamas!!!

Here’s A Preview Of What You’ll Walk Away With from the 6 Week BootcamP!

Grow your wealth | Boot Camp for Females in Dhaka week 1

Pitch Perfect

Everyone gets one minute to pitch their startup..
Yes you heard that right..
We will also be frank with you in case you need to pivot your idea.

Grow your wealth | Boot Camp for Females in Dhaka week 2

Do whatever the F you want but give yourself a reality check

We lead you through the customer mind and user journey &  dive into your customer acquisition and go to market plan

Grow your wealth | Boot Camp for Females in Dhaka week 3

Know Your Competitive Difference

Knowing your addressable market & competition is important for early stage startups.

Grow your wealth | Boot Camp for Females in Dhaka week 4

Financial Modeling and Fundraising: What it Takes in 2020

Learn how to build a financial model and project and the insiders tips on fundraising

Grow your wealth | Boot Camp for Females in Dhaka week 5

The Fundraising Game

Strategies to get you on the business ladder and build a sustainable business. What to know and how to approach Angels and VCs.

Grow your wealth | Boot Camp for Females in Dhaka week 6

The Finale:
Unspoken Dos and Don’ts

We will focus on do’s and don’ts of running a business and pitching to  investors.

This 6 Week Bootcamp will help you to

Understand your business model further and perfect your pitch
Get to know your cohort of female entrepreneurs and get help from the industry experts
Learn about financial modeling and projections
Learn how to define your addressable market
Learn proven strategies from startup experts
Figure out your unique value proposition
Understand how to know your competition better and what to look out for
Learn how to manage your team and current co-founders
Learn about fundraising methods
Learn how to pitch to angels and VCs

November Intake Complete!
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If you want a supportive group of coach and founders to help you in your journey in a safe environment, then you’re exactly the right place.

Girls Get Funded has helped MANY womxn and female founders get back on top of their early stage/ idea stage startup phases through simple, fun,  jargon free education.

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Girls get funded - rating

Thank you so much for hosting these events. I’ve been to a few now and learned so much. It’s a shame that we’re not taught how to manage our money in school. 



Girls get funded - rating

When you thought you had a grip on your startup then find out you are doing it wrong

So insightful boot camp worth every penny!

Anne A.


Girls get funded - rating

I went along to the event and had a blast! I do have some spare money I can invest each month and I was feeling like it was pointless before the event and I feel quite inspired