About Us

About Girls Get Funded

Girls Get Funded wants female founders & womxn to take control of their financial futures

  • by training them to build companies and products.
  • We help womxn (females, non-binary & transgender) founders get trained in different methods of money saving, investing, handling money and investing.
  • by helping with their personal finance habits

We get it… handling personal finance can sometimes be difficult, so we run engaging events, online workshops and courses with the best coaches and experts in the industry to breakdown and demystify financial topics  on a range of topics from fundraising, investing, pensions, debt, budgeting and more.

There are a massive financial gap when it comes to womxn and female founders getting access to funding, understanding how startup tech ecosystem works, their salary, pension and investments. We are passionate about educating women so they can control life on their own terms.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure women can be empowered to make any choice they want when it comes to money, finding funds and investing. It all starts with the right education and coaching.

Our Mission

Our mission is to change women’s relationship with money and make them financially savvy. We want women to feel confident and fearless about talking budgets, retirement, investing and more with our fabulous coaching!

Our Values

Ok, yes, we value rad bags and shoes. But it’s bigger than that. Girls Get Funded values a sustainable and equal world. We value ethical and low fee financial products. And our events are all #wastefree

Shamma raghib - Girl get funded

A Founder’s ‘Why’

I created Girls Get Funded because I realized that a lot of my female friends and female entrepreneurs often struggle to understand financial and investment concepts.

For female founders who have big ideas in Bangladesh but may lack a sense of direction and outreach, I want to be on their speed dial!

Fast forward two years later, I learned about money, investments and financial jargon that helped me launch three companies of my own.

I went on to launch two businesses – CritiCarebd.com and hbotbd.com. With my best friend, I recently launched allolab.com as well. I am also investing in a few startups I believe in which brings me one step closer to my goal of $100k portfolio in investments in next two years.

Girls Get Funded has had over 200 people attend a bootcamp, a webinar or an online workshop. Throughout the year we will partner with Angels, VCs, funding providers, financial services institutions, personal finance gurus to learn where and how to invest there money. GirlsGetFunded have worked to run corporate workshops with coaches, law firms, angels  and technology startups.

It is my personal mission to empowering as many women as I can in my lifetime to take control of their own finances and starting their own business so they get ahead with dreams. So allow me to help you learn the financial world!

Shamma Raghib


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