About Us

About Girls Get Funded

Girls Get Funded wants female founders & womxn to take control of their financial futures

  • by training them to build their own startup companies and products via our Digital Incubator Bootcamp.
  • We help womxn (females, non-binary & transgender) founders get coaching on financial jargorn.
  • Linking womxn and female founders with a community of go-getters!

We get it…building a startup, and navigating financial jargon can sometimes be difficult, so we run engaging events, online workshops and courses with the best coaches and experts in the industry to breakdown and demystify financial topics  on a range of topics from forming a startup, to crowdfunding, investing, fundraising and much more.

There are a massive financial gap when it comes to womxn and female founders getting access to funding, understanding how startup tech ecosystem works, finding investors and angels and VCs who are willing to work with these founders.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure women can be empowered to make any choice they want when it comes to building their own startup, finding funds and investing. It all starts with the right education and coaching.

Our Mission

Our mission is to change women’s relationship with the word “startup” and make them financially savvy. We want women to feel confident and fearless about talking their idea, their project, validating their financial models, ensuring their financial future with our fabulous coaching!

Our Values

Ok, yes, we value bags and shoes and jazz but much more. It’s bigger than that. Girls Get Funded values a sustainable and equal world where the larger vision is to become THE digital place for womxn founders when it comes to understanding anything related to startups & finance.

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A Founder’s ‘Why’

Girls Get Funded was created when I realized that a lot of my female friends and female entrepreneurs often struggle to understand startup jargon and financial or investment concepts.

For female founders who have big ideas but may lack a sense of direction and outreach, I want to be on their speed dial!

Girls Get Funded has had over 250 people attend either a  bootcamp, a webinar or an online workshop. Throughout the year we will partner with Angels, VCs, funding providers, financial services institutions, personal finance gurus to learn where startups grow and how to invest their money. GirlsGetFunded have worked to run corporate workshops with coaches, law firms, angels  and technology startups.

It is my personal mission to empowering as many women as I can in my lifetime to take control of their own lives & starting their own business so they get ahead with dreams. So allow me to help you via Girls Get Funded!


Shamma Raghib

Founder, Girls Get Funded

Shamma’s strong background in technology and data based companies sets her track record to 11+ years. She is an angel investor focusing on technology startups, mainly pre-seed and seed startups. She is high on inclusion and diversity, and realizes there is still a massive funding gap between male and non-male (womxn) counterparts, hence she founded GirlsGetFunded.com. She often speaks at tech conferences, women in tech, data related avenues. She is a Startup Advisor and currently she advises multiple SaaS & AI startups.

Mehrin Monika

Business Development

Monika is a final year BBA student majoring in marketing.
She has extensive knowledge on how to reach customers and she loves doing it! She is good at coming up with wonderful and creative ideas. She also has this knack for designing when she’s bored.

Monika Joined GGF just a few days ago and already she has made this place her home! Monika is an enthusiast learner and believes in woman empowerment. Her belief, interest for learning and strong commitment toward work have made a great addition to our team.

Nafisa Zoarder

Business Development

Nafisa is a Business undergrad who is passionate about music and women empowerment. Nothing is more exciting to her than learning new things and befriending new people.

Working with Girls Get Funded is an opportunity that combined everything that is fulfilling to her, the idea of doing something that helps women do better and learning about womxn, womxn lead startups, and the start-up ecosystem.

A fun fact about Nafisa is that she loves natural documentaries and can tell you a few animal facts that you might not know!